Titans – Season 2 Trailer Reaction / Review / Rating

Jay and Adam react, review, riff, and rate the trailer for the second season of DC Universe’s Titans.

Original Trailer:


Today on pReview’d, Jay and Adam react to the titans season 2 trailer reaction, then review it, and at the end Jay gives it his special rating. During the titans season 2 trailer review they also talk all the DC characters Adam likes. Also in this titans season 2 trailer breakdown, i.e. the titans season 2 first look reaction, or as it’s known on the streets, the titans season 2 first look review, Adam squees. A lot. But it wouldn’t be a titans season 2 first look breakdown if Jay didn’t bring of anime. But that’s not all, this titans season 2 official trailer reaction also comes with a titans season 2 official trailer review. All this for the low, low price of you hopefully watching the 5 – 15 second commercial before the video. And for good measure titans season 2 first look previewd, titans season 2 trailer previewd. And that is how you YouTube.

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